With Nuraia Academy our company supports professionals (dealers, installers) and final users in the perfect knowledge of its products and software. The goal of the courses, organized in our seat  or  in the seat of the customer, is to supply all the information regarding the single tips and shortcuts able to permit the correct and desired configuration of the system and a quick solution in case of errors and failures. The program of the courses has been thought to permit to the applicants to receive specific and needed information according the role played inside his own company.  

Nuraia Srl and the net of its local dealers support the customer also during the project phase giving him the opportunity to use the  experience  of the company and a complete point of view for any pratical and/or theorical doubt correlated to the management of a parking structure (according a simple or complex configuration) or for the control of the access to buildings or entertainment centers. The capacity of Nuraia to develop customized software solutions, permits to reach the best solution in any specific activity. 

The realization of a solid and functional parking structure needs the evaluation of several critical points. A good design of the flow inside the parking, the installation of information points, the availability of quick solutions for any possible problem. These are factors to be considered, going over the simple evaluation of the performance of the single units and their relative costs. Nuraia has realized its products and software solutions considering all the possible configurations that a parking system could have, so to be well inserted in any possible location. We support the final user and the installer giving the right direction and the right support to realize the best solution as possible.   

The Nuraia network (dealers, installers) ensures the correct level of assistance and the prompt reply to the requests of the users. In the most situations the assistance can be realized using a remote connection but our assistance/maintenance philosophy is anyway to be present in any Areas where our systems have been installed at least with one reference point. The network of dealers and partners present on the field is characterized by skilled professionals with knowledge and experience able to give quick answers and right support.

The maintenance of a parking system or of a access control system is divided in two main components. The first maintenance, that is a task assigned to the final user of the system and the professional maintenance realized by the local installer / dealer of Nuraia. In both situations a specific needed training is provided to these from  Nuraia. This ensures that this important phase will be realized correctly with the right actions and with regularity. A good maintenance is the first step for the maintaining of a good level of performance  of the system.