about us

Who we are

Nuraia Srl comes from a long experience in the realization of systems for the access control and parkings management, bringing with itself the desire to realize products with high technological standards, characterized by solidity, flexibility and design, distinctive sign of its "italian style". The choice to start a production able to challenge the big players present on its market, brought Nuraia to give itself immediately a solid structure and very high standards of quality in its realizations. The products of Nuraia are on the top level of the market for quality, technical solutions, innovation and reliability.  

Nuraia believes in the innovation technology and in the costant and permanent process of improvement of its products and its performance. The products of Nuraia are realized, starting from the consideration that modularity, flexibility, curiosity and attention for the customer are fundamental values and necessary steps to proceed in a path towards the excellence. 

Nuraia produces and realizes its products and its software solutions, using a strict control and a strong verify of each single phase of the production processes, in order to offer to its customers the best quality in term of product and services