Access Control System


The Nuraia Access Control System offers a complete set of solutions for the access control with the possible integration also with the system of purchasing presents inside the controlled structure. With the use of R.F.ID. technology and the use of modern tools is possible to integrate the system of control. A single solution can be also customized to meet any specific need of the customers. Our solutions are able to manage and to control the access in buildings, parkings, entertainment centers, wellness and spa centers, fairs, public buildings. The integration of the system permits to have all the details on one database and to use for the payment processes (in advance or on consumption) the automatic cash machine 8850TOP, with a sensible reduction of the needed personnel and with a reduction of the time for the access to the services for the customers. The system allows also the use of rechargable supports and the prepayment also with webinterface, where the user with the "print@home" function can buy and select the desired services inside the structure.