Ticket Vending System

8850 TVM


The Nuraia Ticket Vending System allows using the Nuraia 8850TVM the proposal of several services using an unique point of sale. The system can show on each used unit a personalized procedure, realized by Nuraia, or a third-party system, giving to the user the opportunity of a easy interaction with the system. The Nuraia Ticket Vending System offers a large choice of services purchasable on the POS and the opportunity of a multiple choice of services also if these services are provided from different companies. In this case the Nuraia server will exchange the information with each providers server, mantaining the accountancy details of the purchase phases separated for the single provider.   

With this system the user can buy: tickets for bus, tram, train or tickets for museum, cinema, theater or access to the services of bike sharing or car sharing or recharge for electric vehicles.