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8850 TVM 


The Ticket Vending Machine 8850TVM allows the management of the payment of  Public Transport services and other services included in the Mobility system of a certain territory..

The 27" color touch screen display permits to have a clear and confortable user interface also integrable with a LED scroll text display installable on the top side of the frontal door. The Ticket Vending Machine 8850TVM is integrated by the Ticket Validator E66S able to read tickets on format bar-code, QR-CODE, RFID. 

The flexibility of the system permits the integration with already existing transport systems and already existing transport cards (e.g. special city card, group cards or facilities touristic cards, etc.). 

The Ticket Vending System can be extended to the new services offered on the territory, (e.g. bike sharing, car sharing, intermodular transport system) permitting the integration of the different mobility operators present on a certain territory, giving to these the chance for the positioning of the offer of the several services on a single Point of Sales, with considerable save  in term of number of devices to install and in term of architectual order inside the city or a specific structure (e.g. railway station, tube station, bus station, tourist offices).