Parking System

4810 ADV / PURE


The Nuraia Parking System with its modularity concept permits to build the right solution for any specific need. The system has based mainly on three different configurations regarding the kind of terminal and several possible configurations with regard the choice of services installable on the Pay Station. 

The parking system is based on TCP/IP network, this allows to connect each  parking units with ethernet, optical fiber or wireless lan without any limit for the number of components of the parking system. The system can also be integrated with system owned by third party. In case of block of the server the system is able to maintain its functionality without the risk of loss of information. The CPU installed on any single device maintains the data during the "off line" functioning and restores the data on the server when this is back on line. The terminals can be integrated with different kind of access control: barcode, R.F.ID., ANPR, TAG UHF, magnetic stripe, QR-code. The Pay Station with its wide touch screen offers a single solution in the market, it can be provided with different kind of banknotes acceptors and recyclers and the coins are managed with an innovative hopper . The software Nuraia that drives the parking system is flexible and modular and opened for personalizations and for the connection with third party system.